Philtrum surgery

ATOP creates golden ratio for philtrum, which is the center of the face.


The philtrum is located in the center of the face and has a significant impact on overall facial expression depending on ratio of length, shape, lips and lower jaw.

It requires to improve your long philtrum, thin lips and find a golden ratio of your face. Furthermore, it’s important not to leave any scar after surgery.

Ideal Candidates

01.Those who have long philtrum for genetic reasons.

02. Those who have long philtrum that makes lips curled, giving awkward look when smiling.

03. Those whose philtrum looks long after orthodontic treatment.

04. Those whose philtrum looks long after double jaw surgery.


Ideal philtrum line

It is regarded as the most ideal philtrum line when philtrum length is half the length of chin and the line between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip is centered.

Short philtrum
(1:3 ratio)

Ideal proportion
(1:2 ratio)

Long philtrum
(1:1 ratio)

Step 1

Make an minimal incision on themiddle part below nose and lift the center of the lips.

Step 2

Correct lip volume and droopy lip at the same time with reduced philtrum through upper lip lift.

Step 3

Create a youthful looking and attractive lip line at the same time and help fast recovery with minimal incision, leaving little scarring and swelling.

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