Hyperhidrosis / Osmidrosis

Excessive sweats and offensive armpit odor! ATOP treats the causes of repeated problems.


Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which a person sweats excessively, which can either be generalized, or localized to specific parts of the body(hands, soles of the feet, armpits, groin).

Osmidrosis, known as ‘armpit odor’ is a condition caused by excessive secretion of apocrine, which causes an acrid odor and extreme social embarrassment.

ATOP gives you sufficient confidence by removing the causes through a customized treatment with hyperhidrosis/osmidrosis. 

Ideal Candidates

01. Those who have heard someone says that you have armpit odor.

02. Those who experience underarm sweating, which leave you soaked.

03. In case yellow armpit stains are made when you wear bright clothes.

04. Those who sweat a lot regardless of heat or changes in temperature.

05. Those who experience heavy sweating  especially in areas such as armpits, hands, soles of the feet, groin.

Types of Procedures

ATOP accurately diagnose beautiful lengths and angles from the nose bridge to the nasal tip that’s right for an individual and apply for the most ideal surgical method for surgery.

Special Surgery Procedures

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