Special Surgery

My own secret complex, ATOP will fix the problem.

Everyone has a different physical condition. Thus, it’s natural that everyone has their own complex. ATOP can make your life happier through personalized consultation and effective treatment about various body part and concerns.

01. 1:1 customized plastic surgery of a plastic surgery specialist

ATOP suggest appropriate treatments that suit you considering personal physical conditions and the causes of problems.

02. Recovery management system 

ATOP minimize scarring and swelling during surgery and you can recover faster through recovery management system for managing swelling, scarring and regeneration after surgery.

Special Surgery F.A.Q

Here are some common question we are asked about these procedures.

It’s difficult to say uniformly because each person has different amounts of subcutaneous fat, muscle and bone. 

Excessive liposuction is not recommended because It’s important to consider the shape and the degree of skin laxity as well as the amount of fat removed.  However, ATOP safely performs large-volume liposuction of over 5000 cc.

In case of excessive liposuction in a specific area, or liposuction in the well-muscled area(biceps, quadriceps), it may look bumpy as the muscle shape is exposed. Before undergoing surgery, It’s good to have a precise consultation to make decisions about the extent of the liposuction.

You need to wear a compression garment for about a month. It is recommended to wear them 24 hours a day for 1~2 weeks after surgery.

Scars are small because a 3~5mm incision is placed in the most inconspicuous location such as armpit, elbow, inner knee or in the area hidden below the bra or bikini line.

It’s normal to have a pain similar to muscle soreness for 1~2 days after surgery. It varies depending on the extent of the procedure(multiple sites, amount of fat) but, you may return to your normal activities except for strenuous exercise for about 4~5 days after surgery.

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