Whitening / Elastic Injection

Injection giving moisturized porcelain-like skin.


The Rejuran Healer is an anti-aging skin healing injection that utilizes the skin regenerative material called POLYNUCLEOTIDE and improves and normalizes damaged tissue in the skin. 

It is also called a “spinning shot” by regenerating epidermis, dermis, and ECM to restore skin to a healthy and resilient state.

What is polynucleotide?

The monomer of nucleotide is the basic molecule that is in common with living organisms; polymers of nucleotides that are long chain-shaped by common bonds, which are suitable for the human body and not chemical compositions. It restores skin structure with ingredients that activate healing ability in the skin, and apply elasticity to skin and make healthy skin by restoring aging skin.

Ideal Candidates

01. Those who have unnatural skin due to repeated skin treatment.

02. Those who concern of loss of elasticity, pigmentation, and fine wrinkles caused by aging or UV.

03. Those who desire reduce of skin elasticity due to make up or chemical stimulation.

Surgical Area

ATOP Rejuran Healer treatment Cycle

After 3-5 days of the treatment by Rajuran Healer, you can see the smoothness of the skin texture. After two weeks of the treatment, the regeneration of collagen helps to improve elasticity and wrinkles.

After 1st Treatment

3 to 5 days

The primary treatment alone provides a smoother skin result and reduced sebum effect

After 2nd Treatment

2-4 weeks

Self-collagen regeneration improves overall skin elasticity and fine wrinkles.

ATOP Rejuran Healer treatment effect (after 4 weeks)

01  Reduction of pores, water-based balance adjustment

It the skin is filled with more than 20% moisture, then the water-based balance that determines the skin’s condition is balanced.
       Excessive lipid secretion is reduced to create a healthy, smooth skin.

02   Increase of skin elasticity

The restoration of the skin structure improves the health of the epidermis and the dermis.

Clinical results remark an effective improvement in the elasticity of the eyes (16.6%), under the eyes (27.3%), cheek (26.0%), and jaw lines (13.3%).

After 3rd Treatment

4-6 weeks

After a third treatment, check the natural lifting effect, volume and clear skin tone of your face.

After 4th Treatment

6-8 weeks

After the 4th treatment is complete, the skin is elastic and clear, giving you the effect of a return of your face to 10 years ago.

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