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Full, plumper lips like tinted lips, makes you more attractive. 

Thick, balanced lips make women look more attractive.Lip Surgery also affect the shape of the alar, nostrils and mouth. Thus, before surgery, You need to check the lip thickness, degree of sagging, and proportion of philtrum to achieve satisfactory results.Not only that, it is very important that no scar remains after surgery.

01. Size, shape, volume you want at the same time

By 1:1 customized surgery, you can find ideal lip appearance you want such as soft, beautiful, youthful, thick and sexy.

02. Restored balance of the whole face 

By lip line design considering overall facial balance, overall impression of lips can be improved. 

03. Reduced scar anxiety

With abundant know-how and special suturing techniques, you can get surgery without scarring.

04. Systematic recovery management system

With a systematic recovery management system, you can recover faster by eliminating swelling and bruising.

Skin Care F.A.Q

Here are some common question we are asked about these procedures.

First, it’s good to see your lips enhanced with fillers.

If you want permanent lip augmentation, we recommend lip augmentation surgery.

Lip augmentation is performed by increasing the length of the top and bottom lips through an incision along the inner mucous membrane/wet area of your lips or by lifting the borders of the lips through an incision.

Lip reduction is a surgery to excise mucous membranes or part of the muscles of the lips. 

In the surgery, an incision is made on the inside of the mouth, making the scar less noticeable.

However, if the lips are protruding due to the shape of the upper jaw or teeth, protruded lip correction may be necessary.

Corner lip lift surgery is to create “smile” mouth corners by changing the position of the muscles that pull the mouth corners down, or by excising a portion of the skin if necessary.

Horizontal length can be increased a bit to some extent by changing the position of the muscles that pull the mouth corners down. 

In case of lips, a scar may be visible, so fine sutures are performed during surgery.

For scar treatment, it’s important to use a scar removal cream and sunscreen after 7~10 days when the stitches is removed.

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