Forehead volume

Complete the natural and soft youthful face in any angle by attractive forehead volume plastic surgery.


Flat, even and slanted forehead has a strong masculine image. On the other hand, a little volume and a gentle curved forehead gives a feminine image. 

ATOP medical team has already announced in their conference that it is the most ideal and stable for the prominent break point of the forehead to be placed in the middle. 

2017.1 Hanyang Symposium | 2017.4 The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | 2017.5 Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 

Ideal Candidates

01. Those who have flat and even forehead.

02. Those who have bumpy forehead.

03. Those who have wide and flat forehead.

04. Those who have small forehead.

05. Those who have dent forehead looking due to protrude of eyebrow bones.

06. Those who desire of natural forehead volume.

  Forehead Filler Autologous Fat Injection Insert Implant
Operation method Injection of filler in area of volume Remove fat from other area and inject to forehead Insert a silicone prosthesis through a small incision in the scalp
Strong Point Ease of treatment, quick effect 40~60% of Engraftment Rate Less affected by facial muscles
Ideal Candidates Effect from simple treatment Who needs a lot of volumes and not
repulsed to irritation
Desire to keep continuous volume
Operation Time 20 min 60 min 30 min
Anesthetizing Method Local Anesthesia IV Sedation IV Sedation
Stitch Removal No  7 Days After 7 Days After
Recovery Day Return Back to Everyday Life 5 ~ 7 Days 5 ~ 7 Days

Forehead volume injection

Stay confident by filling your forehead.

There is a strong point that the results are immediate with the convenient volume injection. The average duration is 6 to 12 months. (There may be temporarily swelling of the forehead on the next day of the procedure.)


01. The muscles in the forehead and frowns have a significant effect on the results of the forehead volume injection. If necessary, wrinkle injection is used for reducing the movement of the muscles.

02. The injection layer of the forehead volume injection by area is different so that the volume is maintained effectively.

03.  Depending on the shape of the head and the desired volume, the amount of volume injection and volume injection method differs to make the desired result.

Autologous fat injection

Fill your forehead safely with sufficient volume. 

If you need a lot of volume or if you have a resistance to irritation, an autologous fat injection with an engraftment rate of 50 to 70 percent is effective. The primary injection creates the overall shape of the forehead, and compensating for the shortness of the secondary implant to stables the result. Once it is engrafted, the results remain semi-permanent. 


01. Do not over-correct.

02. Collect the fat gently.

03. Block  contact with air and refine.

04. Inject delicately in various layers.


Collect fat 

Mostly in the abdomen. If dry, take it from thighs.


Fat refining process 

Use a centrifuge of the collected fat and refine


Fat injection

Inject refined fat to the face ratio evenly into various layers.


Fat injection area

Implant insertion surgery

Make a natural forehead expression muscle with a stable forehead. 

The volume of the implant inserted can be maintained constantly with the least impact on the forehead facial muscles. Although this is a low possibility, care must be taken not to infect the forehead implant during the early stages of surgery, as there may be a foreign body reaction to them. 


01. 1:1 Custom made implant to blend in with the entire face.  

02. Natural line formed like own forehead. 

03. Only the required area inside the hairline is incised, leaving small visible scar and recover quickly.


Cut 2 to 3cm into the scalp behind the hairline.


Cut into the lower layer of the bone to find place of the implant to be inserted.


Inserting the prepared implant and create the design.


Suture the incision.

Occipital Plastic surgery

It takes 30 to 40 minutes for the occipital plastic surgery inserting implant. Stability has been proven through more than 30 years of observation in various thesis.

Suturing after one week of surgery, and one may return to everyday life on the day of surgery.


Inserting the prepared implant and create the design.


Suture the incision.

Forehead Surgery Procedures

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