Forehead Surgery

Attractive design of the forehead is the beginning of a beautiful facial line.

The forehead is about 1/3 of the face, and it is a very important part that determines a person’s impression.  If your forehead is flat or dent, your face overall looks flat without any volume.  If the forehead is too wide, the whole face will look bigger, and if the forehead is too small, the impression will look stuffy.

01. Size and volume of forehead in harmony with the overall face 

Individual tailor made surgery to harmonize the forehead with the whole face.

02. Natural forehead line at any angle 

Volume and natural lines of the forehead not only in the side but also in the front.

03. ATOP’s know-how of forehead surgery announced in Korea’s leading academic institute

Natural results with minimal side effects other surgical methods.

04. Fast recovery without the burden of scarring

After 6 months, the scar will not be visible, and right after the surgery, there will hardly be any swelling so you can return to daily activities.

05. Semi-permanent effects

If there is no ongoing hair loss, the results are semi-permanent after surgery.

Forehead Surgery F.A.Q

Here are some common question we are asked about these procedures.

The incision can be covered with hair after forehead shortening surgery, and it is a surgery that does not cause severe bruises and swelling. 

It may vary between individuals, but if there is no significant strain, you may go to work and return to daily life after the day after the surgery.

There is very little bleeding. There may be some pain on the evening of the operation, but you should have much inconvenience if you take the prescribed painkillers. The pain will not affect your daily life on the next day of the surgery.

It depends on the color of the skin, thickness, difference between men and women, and the amount of shrinkage.

Normally for adults six months is required to remodel the scar. For the first three months, the scar will be red and the color will get lighter over the next three months. 

If good care is taken after the surgery, you won’t have any stress about the scar in about six months. 

Disinfect the next day of surgery and remove the thread after 1 week. 
You can wash your hair freely after 2 days of surgery. 

From the next day of surgery, returning to everyday life is possible, and light exercise is feasible in a week.

You can dye or get a perm after one month of surgery.

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