Face Surgery

Complete the beauty while reducing and filling as needed, 
making the V-line without cutting your bones.

At ATOP Plastic Surgery  rather than having a bone cut contour surgery, we will take into consideration of the overall ratio and shape of the face, and help with a quick recovery procedure without much swelling.

01. Natural facial line

To create natural effect, artificial implant is not used if possible. To maximize the effect of reduced face size, the fat in the face and jaw is removed and relocated.

02. Face outline effect and more volume to your face 

By transplanting fat to areas where the volume is needed, clear outline of the face and volume of the face increase.

03. Care service to increase the effectiveness of surgery  

Wear compression band to enhance your satisfaction with the results of the surgery. 

04. Reliable filler treatment

Only qualified and drug-certified filler will be selected to operate safely.

Face Surgery F.A.Q

Here are some common question we are asked about these procedures.

To make your face look slim, you need face surgery to reduce the various soft tissues e.g. fat, muscle, and bone in your face. 

However, considering the great effect with short recovery period and physically less burdensome method, reducing excess fat around the cheeks and jaws by inhalation should be the first step.  

Also, if the chin muscles are developed, a square jaw Botox is effective and if you have sagging skin lifting should be accompanied to maximize the effect. 

The fat in the cheeks decrease as you get older, but sometimes this is not the case. In case there is no loss of cheek fat, it is effective to remove ‘deep cheek area’ located deeply inside after removing the surface face by inhalation.  

However, avoiding excessive fat removal is recommended as this may cause the cheek to turn hollow.

Fat injection is literally a method of extracting fat from the abdomen, thighs, etc., and injecting the purified fat. 

Therefore, the fat that has been engrafted does not have a retention period like a filler and remains constant. However, weight loss due to diet can reduce the volume of fat transferred.  

Because not all fat that has been transplanted is engrafted, a mixture of methods such as autologous blood PRP mix and stem cells are used to increase the rate of engraftment. 

Developments in thread lifting products make superior effects with a simpler method compare to surgery.  

There are various types of threads, such as melted or unmelted, knurled or not, and different length and shape of threads. It is important to select the real product that suits you. 

The average maintenance period is 10 to 12 months. 

The difference between an incision lifting and thread lifting is the existence and nonexistence of skin incision.

Lifting incision is an operation removing tissue that is stretched out after skin incision and pulling up all tissues of skin and SMAS layer.

Thread lifting is a method to pull tissue and induce collagen production by inserting a thread under the skin that does not melt or melt without skin incision.

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