Double eyelid  surgery

Natural line just like my eyes.

Non-incision Method

Completion of natural eyes even when you are closing them.

The non-incision method recovers quickly due to low scarring or swelling, and after three to four days of surgery, swelling subsides and return to daily activities. The existing non-incision method does not have a clear line, has a tendency to loosen, or show scars when closing the eyes. ATOP Plastic Surgery makes clear yet natural lines, the chances of double eyelids loosening have been significantly reduced.

Ideal Candidates

01. Those whose double eyelid loosened after an existing non-incision method

02. Those who feel uncomfortable with incision due to surgical scars

03. Those who want natural and unfastened double eyelids

04. Those who have Fat and Muscle on eyelid

05. Those who have light double eyelid and possibility of loosening


Before surgery.

After creating a fine hole in the eyelids, knot the inside and outside of the eyelids with thread.


Completion of smooth under eye.

Partial Incision Method

Combining the advantages of the non-incision method and incision method provides a natural look and firm fixation. 

Partial incision method improves the strength of the non-incision method and incision method. The incision is smaller than the incision method, therefore less swelling and scarring, and less chance of loosening after the incision method.

Ideal Candidates

01. Those who feels uncomfortable with the incision method due to the marks.

02. Those with asymmetric double eyelid, or who wants to change width.

03. Those who want natural double eyelids.

04. Those with thin, low fat eyelids.

05. Those with elastic eyelids and non-drooping eyes.


Before surgery.

Creation of small holes in the eyelids and minimal incision. Knot and suture after removing fat and muscle through the incision window. 


Improve to natural and clear eyes.

Incision method

Dramatic changes to big, cool eyes and clear double eyelid.

The incision method is suitable for thick, fat, and drooping eyelids.

Incision along the line to be the double eyelid line and suture together after removal of the stretched skin, muscles, fat, etc., making it unlikely to loosen.

Ideal Candidates

01. Those whose double eyelids have loosened after an existing non-incision method.

02. Those who want clear double eyelids that does not loosen.

03. Those who have thick eyelids with, muscles.

04. Those with drooping eyelids and fat on eyelids.

05. Those who desire big and cool eyes.


Before surgery.

After incision along the double eyelid line, Removal of skin, fat and muscle. Connect and suture the the eyelids to the tarsus.


Complete big cool eyes with clear double eyelids.

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