Nipple Correction

Complete small and lean V-line face line without surgery.

Inverted nipple Overview

About 3 percent of Korea women have inverted nipples that is retracted into the breast. Inverted nipples is caused with insufficiency of supporting tissues or a short, underdeveloped lactiferous ducts, which pull nipple inwards, preventing it from pointing outwards.

Inverted nipple can cause smelly discharge or inflammation. Also, it may destroy the breast tissue, it can prevent inflammation and solve breastfeeding issues through nipple correction.

Ideal Candidates

01. In case the nipple doesn’t protrude when stimulated but can be pulled out manually.

02. In case the nipple can hardly be pulled out manually.

03. Those who experience discharge or inflammation due to inverted nipple.

04. Those who are worried about breast feeding and have breastfeeding difficulties due to inverted nipple.



Nipples appear flat or drawn inward.


It corrects inverted nipples through 1:1 customized operation depending on the severity of nipple retraction. 


Based on the abundant know-how for nipple correction, inverted nipple surgery is performed considering left-right symmetry and height.

Nipple reduction Overview

For Korean women, the average nipple diameter is 1~1.5cm and the average nipple height is 7~9mm. Disproportionately large nipple can not only give your breasts an unbalanced appearance, but also be cause of complex.

A common cause of larger nipples is by nature or through breastfeeding. You can restore confidence by creating ideal size and shape of your nipples through nipple reduction.

Ideal Candidates

01. Those whose nipples are too big compared to breast.

02. Those whose nipples are asymmetrical in size or shape.

03. Those whose nipple is too long or too wide.

04. Those whose nipples become large after pregnancy,  giving birth, breastfeeding.

Procedure Methods

ATOP accurately diagnose beautiful lengths and angles from the nose bridge to the nasal tip that’s right for an individual and apply for the most ideal surgical method for surgery.

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