Breast Augmentation

Volume you want with natural feeling and movement.


For those who are worried about their small breasts or want to increase their feminine charm, we create natural volume with proven implants.

Size matters. But it’s more important to have a 1:1 customized operation considering overall body flame such as height, bust size, shape of chest and breast, and degree of sagging.

Breast implant types

ATOP accurately diagnose beautiful lengths and angles from the nose bridge to the nasal tip that’s right for an individual and apply for the most ideal surgical method for surgery.

Safe and elaborate endoscopic breast surgery

ATOP provide more safe and elaborate breast surgery by using high-tech HD endoscopic equipment.

In the case of trans axillary incision, there was an inconvenience that it was difficult to find exact surgical site with naked eyes and incision part became wide.

However, as the HD endoscope is applied to the armpit incision method, more precise operations became possible through small axillary incision.

procedure methods

※ There are potential side effects such as inflammation, bleeding, and nerve injuries depending on the patient’s condition after surgery.

Breast Surgery Procedures

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