Breast Surgery

Natural Luxury breast, ATOP can boost your confidence.

It’s not easy to design the optimal breast shape because every patients have different physical conditions and preferences. ATOP will do our best to provide satisfactory results that fits you the best through precise physical measurements and personalized consultation.

01. More volume, balancing overall body proportions

The size of the breast is usually based on bust size passing through both nipples. For Korean women, It’s usually 3~5cm smaller than the hip size, one breast is about 250~300cc. Based on this, it is important to add appropriate volume.

02. Overall balance and harmony of body

On the frontal view, it is regarded as beautiful breast with a golden ratio, which means that the line connecting the center of the sternum with nipple is equilateral triangle. The distance between center of clavicles and nipple : within 18-20 cm.

03. Hemisphere close to semicircle

As the shape of hemisphere close to semicircle, high volume of mid-lower breast is more attractive and fuller breast.

04. Natural movement

It should be able to move naturally according to your body’s movement and pull down depending on your gravity.

05. Nipple pointing outer, upward

For attractive breast, The nipple needs to be properly protruding (about 1~1.5 cm) without being inverted or retracted, pointing outer and upward.

Breast Surgery F.A.Q

Here are some common question we are asked about these procedures.

There are many customers who come to our clinic after seeing the before & after photos or obtaining information on the Internet. They usually say ‘It requires ~cc for achieving ~cup during surgery’, ‘It requires ~cc to avoid future regrets.’. But, for breast augmentation, it’s important to choose a breast implant type and size that’s ideal for your body type and taste with accurate breast examination and detailed consultation.

A same-size implant can look different like voluminous, moderate, or sometimes small depending on the patient’s body type. The reason why is that every patient has a different body type. We recommend that you choose a breast implant size that’s right for your body type and taste with detailed consultation.

For a good feeling after breast surgery, it’s the most important to choose an appropriate implant and get a safe surgery. Also, it’s important that they can move with the breast implant pocket without feeling of irritation.

There are general opinions that smooth breast implants feel soft and textured breast implants feel firm and recently, micro-textured breast implants that combine both advantages are used for surgery to improve the feeling and reduce side-effects.  

We use authentic implants from Allergan and Mentor approved by FDA, Korea Food & Drug Administration. Recently, lots of micro-textured implants have been introduced, so we use them from Motiva, Bellagel, Eurosilicon. 

Most women with breast implants can still breastfeed normally. A recent study found similar levels of silicon in breast milk from mothers with implants compared with mothers without implants.

It is okay to shower immediately after surgery except for the suture area. But, for the suture area, you can shower day after suture removal.

You may be able to go home on the day of your operation, do your simple daily routines day after the surgery and do all of your regular daily activities without inconvenience after 3 days.

Stitches are removed 7 days after surgery but you should avoid carrying heavy objects or lift your arms over your head for 10 days.

For a transaxillary incision, scars is the least noticeable because the incision is made in the natural folds of the armpit, but It’s not suitable for those who experience frequent armpit exposure like a model, an entertainer. 

Inframammary fold incision is the most noticeable incision but recently it leaves scars to the level of transaxillary incision with scar treatment. It is recently recommended because of easy surgery and rapid recovery. 

For Areolar incision, an incision is made around the areola, reducing the visibility of scarring by hiding the incision within the border of the areola. It can create natural breast shape and  get the maximum effect especially for sagging breasts.

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